As a premier wholesale agricultural loan lender, we offer bankers, mortgage lenders, and brokers unique wholesale farm loan products to expand their customer base and attract new clients.

This blog will detail how we offer the best wholesale farm loan products and explain how our history as a specialized agricultural lending partner can help you tap into a new market.

The Best Wholesale Farm Loans to Convert Clients

United Ag Lending is proud to offer a diverse range of customizable farming real estate loan products that can specifically address your agricultural clients’ needs. Each loan program listed here is unique to our company, making us an ideal lending partner for brokers, mortgage lenders, and banks.

Wholesale Commercial Farm Loans

United Ag Lending’s wholesale commercial farm real estate loans are ideal for customers looking to build their farm or expand their agricultural business. Our experience in this niche industry has earned us the reputation of being a steady, reliable lending partner that provides essential solutions.

Commercial Farm Real Estate Loan FAQ

Which of my clients would benefit from this loan program?

Our wholesale commercial farm real estate loans are well-suited for the following types of clients:

  • People who own farming or agricultural operations that are ready to expand.
  • Customers who want to increase their farm capital.
  • Farmers who want to consolidate existing farm real estate or agricultural loans.
Are there commercial farm real estate loan program requirements?

Yes, a few. Your customer/the property should meet the following criteria to qualify for this loan program:

  • The property must be agricultural in nature.
  • This program’s loan minimum is $500,000.
  • There’s a 10-acre minimum.
  • Your client must have a minimum credit score of 680.
What are the loan rates for the commercial farm real estate loan program?

This program offers a 30-year fixed rate and also adjustable loan rates. We offer monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual payments.

What other notable features does this loan product have?

Our commercial loan program doesn’t have a prepayment penalty; loans up to 70% of appraised value are allowed, and cross-collateralization and seller carries are permitted.

What types of commercial farm real estate have you helped finance?

United Ag Lending has helped many agricultural customers finance their farming operations. We’ve provided loans to customers who:

  • Have an orchard or vineyard
  • Operate an equestrian business or dairy farm
  • Want to build a ranch or keep livestock
  • Are interested in establishing a blueberry, soybean, almond, or avocado farm, or want to operate an orange grove
  • Have founded many other types of agricultural businesses

Wholesale Rural Residential Loans

Our wholesale rural property loans can help your clients reach their goal of obtaining a forever home surrounded by agricultural land.

This rural real estate program is flexible and allows you to provide customized loan options to your customers.

Rural Residential Loan FAQ

What are your rural residential loan program requirements?

Your client/the property should meet the following requirements for our wholesale rural property loans:

  • Existing property must be on the rural land being purchased. This property must serve as your customer’s primary or secondary home.
  • Your client needs a 680 credit score or higher to qualify for a loan.
What are your rural residential loan rates?

United Ag Lending offers fixed-rate 15- and 30-year loans. We also can provide your clients with refinance, cash-out, and purchase loans.

Can this loan program finance different types of structures?

Yes. This customizable loan program can finance shed homes, shop homes, barndominiums, or homes with pasture land or tillable acreage.

What other notable features does this loan program have?

Quite a few. The following features are why our loan products stand out from similar offerings:

Our rural residential offerings allow clients to finance property on a minimum of 5 acres and a maximum of 160 acres.
The property value only needs to be 30% of the overall value.
The rural residential loan also permits ag-exempt properties, but they are not required.
Schedule F (Farm) income is allowed.
Your customers can combine multiple parcels of land.

Wholesale Hobby Farm Loans

Our wholesale hobby farm loans are one of the more unique loan products we offer and are typically unavailable with traditional wholesale lenders. This highly customizable loan program can help unite your clients with their small-scale farming dreams.

Hobby Farm Loan FAQ

What makes your hobby farm loan program unique?

United Ag Lending’s goal is to meet all farmers where they are, including small-scale farmers who want to live out their passions. No two hobby farm ideas are the same, which is why our loan solutions are flexible. We are open to hearing what your customer wants to do with their hobby farm, and we are excited to help them reach their goals.

What are your hobby farm loan program requirements?

The following are our hobby farm loan program requirements:

  • The hobby farm property must be agricultural in nature.
  • There is a 5-acre minimum and a 160-acre maximum. We do allow over 160 acres on a case-by-case basis.
  • Your client must have a minimum credit score of 680.
  • The hobby farm property must serve as your client’s primary or secondary home.
What are your hobby farm loan rates?

This loan program offers loan terms at 15- and 30-year fixed rates.

Can this loan program finance different types of structures?

Yes, your customer can have multiple homes and structures on the property.

What other notable features does this loan product have?

Quite a few. Our hobby farm loan program has the following features:

  • Schedule F income is allowed.
  • Land value can exceed 30% of its appraised value, and dwelling value only needs to be 25% of the overall value; lower values are allowed on a selective basis.
  • There are no early payment penalties.
What types of hobby farms have you helped finance?

We’ve financed many different kinds of hobby farms. The following are a few unique examples:

  • Equestrian farms
  • Vineyard farms
  • Berry farms
  • Bee farms
  • Chicken farms
  • Homes with pasture

Wholesale Land Loans

We can also provide your customers with land loans to help them build their agricultural businesses or use their land for other purposes, like hunting or fishing.

What are your wholesale land loan program requirements?

The land and your customer should meet the following requirements to be eligible for our land loans:

  • $500,000 minimum loan amount
  • Minimum of 10 acres
What are your wholesale land loan program rates?

Down payments start at 30%, and we offer 10- to 30-year fixed-rate loans and 1-year to 15-year adjustable rates.

What other notable features does this loan product have?

Our land loans allow your clients to combine multiple contiguous parcels and properties. We also allow land improvements, as well as sheds and outbuildings.

What types of land loans have you helped finance?

Your clients can start a variety of agricultural projects with this loan program:

Book New Business With the Best Wholesale Farm Real Estate Loans

United Ag Lending works to help banks, mortgage lenders, and brokers provide straightforward, customizable wholesale farm real estate loans to new and existing clients. When you choose to build a relationship with us, you and your customers will benefit in the following ways:

Clear Lending Process

We understand that your agricultural customers have a lot going on, and your schedule is busy, too. Our team has developed a streamlined lending process to respect your and your client’s time while providing them with the best wholesale farm loans.

United Ag Lending’s 3-Step Lending Process


All loan programs start with a meeting between you and our account executive. During this consultation, we’ll check to make sure your client meets all our loan requirements.


Next, we’ll start to customize your customer’s wholesale agricultural loan options, discuss loan terms and rates, and answer any additional questions.

We have years of experience helping lending partners reach and cater to their agricultural loan customers. Our expertise in this niche industry has helped us build solid partnerships and has made us an invaluable resource in this unique industry.


Once your client is ready to apply for their loan, we are happy to walk them through the process. Generally, the application is easier to fill out if they already have the following documents ready:

  • Pay stubs
  • Asset information (retirement accounts, stocks, etc.)
  • Government ID or driver’s license
  • 2 to 3 years of tax returns
  • Bank statements
Continued Resource

Once your customer secures their loan, we’re still here to help. We understand that communication is essential to maintaining our relationship and your partnership with your customers.

Agricultural Lending Experience

United Ag Lending has operated in the agricultural lending industry for decades. In this time, we’ve cultivated a list of core values that include:

  • Communication
  • Endurance
  • Simplicity

When brokers, bankers, and mortgage lenders partner with us, they partner with a highly specialized lending partner, meaning we can give your clients what they need.

Outstanding Reputation

United Ag Lending takes our reputation very seriously, and your reputation is equally as important to us.

We help ensure that you and your customers are happy with our services by listening to client needs and, in turn, providing the best wholesale farm real estate loans for their circumstances.

Specialized Access

When bankers, mortgage lenders, and brokers partner with us, they can offer our unique wholesale farm real estate loans to their agricultural clients.

We understand that all farming endeavors and agricultural real estate are significant investments; this is why we designed our loan products to help these niche customers build their real estate portfolios.

Consistent Guidance

United Ag Lending prides itself on creating customized loan products and leading customers through the lending process. We do this by highlighting how we can meet your clients’ needs. When your client works with us, we will always clearly explain the following:

  • How our wholesale lending team will meet their needs.
  • How our financing options will help your customer get the agricultural property or land they want.
  • Why our loan products are unique.

Partner With United Ag Lending to Access the Best Wholesale Farm Real Estate Loans

With United Ag Lending, you can count on us to provide you with the wholesale real estate loan products your customers need. Our knowledge, customer service, responsiveness, and communication skills set us apart from other agricultural loan lenders.

We have the best wholesale farm loans because we take the conventional understanding of an agricultural loan and turn it into a flexible solution. You can count on our company to continue expanding its offerings, bringing the opportunity to originate mortgages for agricultural real estate to more and more loan officers nationwide.

Are you interested in becoming one of our trusted lender partners? Contact us today to find out more about our loan products and services.

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