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Specialized Loan Services for Agribusiness, Farming, Hobby Farms & Rural Residential. Proudly financing property of all sizes and types.

United Ag Lending programs are flexible agricultural loans that have changed the game for rural Americans. As a premiere agricultural lender, we have the flexibility to offer you creative, competitive financing options. Our mission is to bridge the gap between our customers and the rapidly changing economy by giving them the financial resources to meet their needs. Some of our agricultural loans can include:

  • Dairy Farms
  • Cattle, Bison, and Hog Farms
  • Avocado Farms, Almond Farms
  • Wheat, Hay, and Corn Farms
  • Orange Groves, Blueberry Farms, Soybean Farms
  • Vineyards
  • And more

We serve many farmers, but you don’t have to be a farmer to qualify for agricultural loans. Whether you want to buy land to house your horses or enjoy the rolling hills backdrop from your wrap-around porch, we’ve got plenty of financing options. 

The beauty is we can customize any of our programs to suit your unique needs. At United Ag Lending, we believe in building programs to fit your goals––not altering your goals to fit into a program. 

Program Highlights
  • Loans offered for logging and forestry, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, dairies, ranches, cattle and more
  • Fixed-rate loans up to 30 years with no pre-payment penalty or short term adjustable products
  • Monthly, annual or semiannual payment options
  • Flexible products for farmers looking to expand their operation, refinance to a more favorable loan, or consolidate debt
  • Loans up to 70% of value offered

Farm & Agricultural Loans

Whether you are looking to buy additional land to expand your operation, increase your farm capital, or consolidate loans, we can help! Our commercial farm loans offer farmers the agriculture financing needed to expand and keep their businesses running.

With a variety of commercial farm loans to choose from—including 30-year fixed-rate loans, adjustable rate loans, cross collateralization and a down payment as low as 25%—we can meet your financial needs to expand your business, or help finance operations from year to year.

Requirements for commercial farm loans:

  • Property will have commercial use
  • Property is agricultural in nature
  • $500,000 minimum loan amount
  • 10 acreage minimum
  • 680 minimum credit score

Hobby Farm Loans

Have you been told “no” by a bank or lender because your property falls outside of their stipulations? Our hobby farm loans are unique in that they fall outside of traditional agricultural loans and are welcoming to a diverse selection of hobby farms!

Our hobby farm loans are offered to borrowers who have innovative ideas for their project, and we can affirm these projects with fixed rate terms and no early payment penalties. Our loans are ideal for hobby farms with:

  • Indoor and outdoor horse arenas (with no cap on a number of stalls)
  • Permanent plantings
  • Vineyards
  • Crops
  • Multiple parcels of land
  • Multiple homes on the property
  • And more

Farmers and non-farmers alike, we genuinely care about bringing your passions to life. As long as you meet our requirements for a hobby farm loan, you’re set. 

Requirements for hobby farm loans

  • Property is agricultural in nature
  • Property is at least 5 acres
  • 680 minimum credit score
  • Property has a home on it which serves as your primary residence or second home  
Program Highlights
  • Minimum of 5 acres
  • Home with up to 160 acres (more allowed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Ag-Exempt Properties
  • Loans up to $2 million and Schedule F (Farm) income allowed
  • Purchase, rate/term and cash out refinances to pay off debt, home or land improvements, or cash in hand
  • Consolidate land and construction loans in to permanent mortgage loan
  • Primary homes or second homes
  • Land value can exceed 30% of appraised value (other lenders don’t allow this).
  • Dwelling value only requires to be 25% of value (lower allowed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Multiple parcels allowed and parcels within reasonable proximity of each other (combine properties)
  • Farming and farm income allowed, if not sole income
  • Horse facility with indoor/outdoor arena and no limitation on horse stables
  • 50 heads of livestock or less are acceptable
  • Shed homes, barndaminiums with typical living quarters, log homes and multiple homes allowed on property
  • Fixed 15 and 30-year terms
Program Highlights
  • Minimum of 5 acres.
  • Fixed rate 15 and 30-year loans with low rates available
  • Ag-exempt properties allowed but not required
  • Purchase, refinance and cash out loans offered
  • Owner-occupied and second homes allowed
  • Barndominiums, shed homes and shop homes allowed
  • 5 to 160 Acres (home value only required to be 30% of overall value)
  • Homes with pasture land and tillable acreage
  • Schedule F (Farm) income allowed

Rural Residential Loans

Is your heart set on a rural lifestyle? We have just the program for you! Our rural residential program can make your dream of living on your own private, secluded land a reality. No matter if you are a first time home buyer, or you’re looking for your dream property for retirement, we can help make it happen.

Our rural residential loans can help you acquire the kind of ideal property for recreational activities like hunting, fishing, and ATV riding. This program is also attractive for buyers who would like to manage a small amount of livestock and crops.

When searching for a home in a rural area, it’s important to work with people who have agricultural expertise. At United Ag Lending, we’ve connected countless people to the right financing for their rural home. Not everyone’s reasons for living on rural land are the same, nor are their pieces of land or homes the same. While traditional lenders tend to have a one-size-fits-all approach, we have a more flexible, moldable approach. 

For our rural residential loans, make sure you check these boxes: 

  • Property is in a rural area
  • Property is a minimum of 5 acres
  • 680 minimum credit score
  • Land has a pre-existing home on it, serving as your primary or secondary residence  

Land Loans

Buying a plot of land gives you the complete and utter freedom to build it into whatever you want. Some people have started farms, while others have used it more recreationally. Getting a land loan tends to be a trickier, more in-depth process, but not with us. Because our entire team is cross-trained on agricultural loans of all types, we can close on land loans in as little as 60 days. 

These are some ways our customers have used their land loans: 

  • Started a dairy farm
  • Started a Christmas tree farm 
  • Expanded their equestrian property 
  • Established a vineyard 
  • Built a ranch and raised horses, sheep, and cattle 

 We offer loans with fixed rate terms up to 30 years or arm products—whichever fits your needs and goals.

Program Highlights
  • Down payments as low as 25%
  • Fixed-rate loans from 10 years to 30 years fixed
  • Minimum loan size – $500K
  • 1-year to 15-year adjustable rates are available
  • Minimum acreage – 10 acres
  • Multiple properties or contiguous parcels
  • Outbuildings, sheds and other land improvements allowed

Take the First Step

If you’re not sure which of our agricultural loans fit your unique situation, don’t sweat it. It’s our job to match you to the financing you need to make your plans happen. So no matter your situation, our team is here to help. If you’re ready to partner with an ag financing team who will put you and your needs first, schedule a consultation

During the consultation, we’ll let you take the driver’s seat while we listen and uncover how we can best serve you. 

From Our Customers

Justin From Missouri

“United Ag Lending and the entire team were awesome. We were under some tight deadlines and we had our fair share of implements in our way to achieve our close date. But United Ag was in constant communication every step of the way. I probably wouldn’t be writing this review from my new home had I work with another lender. I wish I could give more than 5 stars on this rating.”

Stephany From Missouri

“The entire team at United Ag went the extra mile to work with us on completing a complex property refinance involving multiple parties. They were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, making the process far less difficult than we expected.”

Jennifer From Kansas

“United Ag Lending was fabulous to work with for our refinance. We have recommended them to others and everyone agrees that they’re a great lender to work with. The team is knowledgeable, prompt, easy to contact, and walks you through each step. Thanks United Ag!”

Tracy From Kansas

“I would highly recommend United. Our lender did an excellent job keeping us informed and up to date throughout the entire process making us feel very comfortable and confident.”

Ben From Kansas

“Everyone at United Ag were great to work with in making our first ag purchase. Everything was completely explained and all our questions were answered in a timely and professional manner. We were very comfortable and pleased while working through our purchase.”

Angela From Missouri

“Fast and Professional! With United Ag, the process was simple from beginning to end. They answered all of our questions and helped us choose a loan option that was perfect for our needs.”
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