United Ag Lending is the leading wholesale ag lender partner for banks, brokers, and mortgage lenders. Our loans serve a niche market, making us the perfect choice for your outsourcing needs.

Keep reading to learn about our agricultural loan products and how they can help you grow your business.

Wholesale Ag Lender Partner for Agricultural Loans

We specialize in providing brokers, banks, and mortgage lender partners with quality loan products for their customers. We can help you serve customers interested in the following types of wholesale agricultural loans:

Wholesale Rural Property Loans

Our wholesale rural property loan product is ideal for clients who want to buy rural land that already has an existing property. This rural real estate lending program is highly customizable, allowing our partners to offer clients flexibility. The following are our rural property loan program’s most notable features:

  • Your clients can finance homes on a minimum of 5 acres and a maximum of 160 acres. The home value only needs to be 30 percent of the overall value.
  • We provide fixed-rate 15- and 30-year loans with available low rates; purchase, refinance, and cash-out loans are also available.
  • Your clients can use these properties as primary or secondary homes. Your customer can also use this loan to finance different structures, such as barndominiums, shed homes, shop homes, or homes with tillable acreage and pasture land.
  • This loan product permits ag-exempt properties, but they are not required, allows Schedule F (Farm) income, and allows your clients to combine multiple parcels of land.

Rural Property Loan Requirements

As a wholesale ag lender, we have streamlined our rural property loan product. This flexible loan is simple and can serve customers who meet this criteria:

  • Your customer must have a 680 credit score minimum.
  • The land must have an existing property that your client will use as their primary or secondary residence.

Wholesale Commercial Farm Loans

As a wholesale ag lender, we provide agricultural real estate loans that allow you to serve customers growing their commercial farming businesses. Consider partnering with us to help reach the following types of clients:

  • Successful farmers ready to expand a commercial agricultural or farming operation.
  • Clients prepared to increase their farm capital.
  • People consolidating existing agricultural or farm real estate loans.

Our loan officers will customize your client’s commercial real estate loan to fit their needs. The following are this loan product’s highlights:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • 30-year fixed rates
  • Monthly, annual, and semiannual payments
  • Adjustable rate loans
  • Cross-collateralization and seller carries permitted
  • Loans up to 70% of appraised value

Commercial Farm Loan Requirements

Our wholesale ag loans require that the client/property meet the following criteria:

  • Property is agricultural in nature
  • $500,000 loan minimum
  • 10 acres minimum
  • 680 minimum credit score

Commercial Farm Loans We’ve Helped Finance

We’re a wholesale ag lender that can help clients in niche farming markets. We’ve provided loans to customers who:

  • Operate a vineyard or orchard
  • Own an equestrian business
  • Have a dairy farm
  • Are developing a cattle or ranch operation
  • Want to start an avocado farm
  • Are interested in establishing a blueberry, soybean, or almond farm, or an orange grove
  • Have started other types of farms

Wholesale Hobby Farm Loans

Most hobby farms are not financially motivated. Your customer may want to start a hobby farm to realize a passion, and sometimes they choose to make money by creating a side business, but their hobby farm income isn’t primary.

Man Holding a Child While Both of Them Smile at a Goat

This loan product is ideal for reaching the niche hobby farm audience and has the following benefits:

  • Multiple structures and homes are allowed on the property
  • Clients can combine properties into one loan
  • Land value can exceed 30% of appraised value
  • The loan product allows Schedule F income
  • Dwelling value is only required to be 25% of the overall value, and lower values are permitted on a selective basis

Hobby Farm Loan Requirements

Your customers/the hobby farm property must fit within the following criteria to secure a loan:

  • The hobby farm must have a property your customer will use as their primary or secondary residence.
  • The property must be agricultural in nature.
  • The hobby farm must be located on a minimum of 5 acres.
  • Your customer must have a minimum credit score of 680 or higher.

Hobby Farms We’ve Helped Finance

This isn’t an exhaustive list of hobby farms we’ve helped finance, and we’re always open to hearing your clients’ hobby farm ideas:

Wholesale Rural Land Loans

One of the other loan products we provide as a wholesale ag lender is rural land loans. Our agricultural land loan offers customers the following benefits:

  • Down payments start at 30%, and 10- to 30-year fixed-rate loans
  • 1-year to 15-year adjustable rates
  • Combine multiple properties or contiguous parcels
  • Outbuildings, sheds, and other land improvements are permitted

Rural Land Loan Requirements

Your client/the land they want to purchase should meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum loan amount of $500,000
  • 10 acres minimum

Land Loans We’ve Helped Finance

Your customers can start a variety of land projects with our land loans:

  • Expand a current farming business, like adding to an equestrian property.
  • Start a vineyard.
  • Build a ranch to raise farm animals or start a dairy operation.
  • Create a tree farm.

See Business Growth by Making Us Your Wholesale Ag Lender

When you partner with United Ag Lending, we will help you provide your customers with unique, flexible loan products. Our loans are suited for people purchasing or refinancing rural real estate.

United Ag Lending has decades of experience. We’ve earned our reputation for being a wholesale ag lender. As your wholesale loan partner, we will always have your best interest in mind.

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