Although starting a winery is a lot of work, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. The first thing to think about for your winery is your goals. What do you want out of it? Why are you doing it? What do you want it to look like—not only aesthetically, but mechanically too (i.e. what your processes will look like.) When you have a general idea of these plans, that’s when winery financing will come in. 

As a premier agricultural lender who has seen our fair share of vineyards, we’re covering some of the reasons you might consider owning a winery. In other words, what’s in it for you? To put it  simply: a whole lot. 

You can earn a living

Perhaps the biggest perk one might think about is the profit. If you run your winery right and recruit a lot of hard workers who care about the mission, it can be quite a lucrative investment. Your commercial winery can support you and your family, all while supporting your community with great local wine. 

It allows you to explore your hobby

If your goal isn’t completely income-motivated, just having a winery for enjoyment is equally great. Not having to worry about the revenue part of it can allow you to fully enjoy the experience of cultivating your winery and exploring your passions within it. Plus, you’ll be able to drink the fruits of your labor. We’ll never underestimate the powers of a hobby farm and how much joy it can bring.

It can help you build relationships

Having a winery can be a major talking point in all kinds of social situations. By sharing your winery experience with others, you may find people who share your passion and want to help out in any way they can. 

Plus, if you ever wanted to host special events, such as weddings or tastings, you would be opening your doors to your community—therefore new relationships. Not only will you feel more connected to your community, you’re opening yourself up to more streams of revenue through these special events. It’s a win-win. 

How to get winery financing: the experts at United Ag Lending

The best way to get vineyard financing is through a lender who has both the financial and agricultural expertise to help you make these impactful decisions. So, when searching for a vineyard loan program, make sure you do your due diligence on the lenders themselves. 

At United Ag Lending, we have the flexibility to offer you creative, competitive financing options for your winery. Our programs are made to fit within your plans, rather than you having to change your plans to fit our programs.

Whether your winery is hobby-driven or financially-motivated, we can provide you with the winery financing you need to meet your goals. 

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