Rural life in Texas is rooted in history and tradition. If you’re looking for a rural residence to enjoy life on, rural home loans in Texas with United Ag Lending could be the solution you’re looking for.

Our legacy of success is built on cultivating relationships with our clients and providing lasting solutions. Our decades of experience give us an acute understanding of rural financial processes and how to overcome challenges. Keep reading to learn more about our own process for a rural home loan in Texas.

How do I know if a rural home loan is right for me?

Rural home loans in Texas are built for those looking to own a home on a rural piece of land. Rather than financing the house through a mortgage, you can finance the home and entire piece of land. 

Rural home loans can be the solution you’re looking for to purchase a rural piece of land with a residence.

Our rural home loan process

Because United Ag Lending is uniquely focused, we are not limited in the solutions we can offer our clients. That is evidenced by our unique rural home loan process.


The first step of our process for a rural home loan in Texas is to consult with you to determine the right loan program for your specific needs. We offer many different options with versatile terms, customizing your loan for your goals. 

After you are approved for your loan, we’re with you through the entire process. United Ag Lending’s loan officers will walk you through each piece, step-by-step, answering your questions and providing our professional insight. 


Part of the process is professional recommendations based on your unique circumstances. Our officers will recommend specific loan types, programs, amounts, terms, and more to fit you.

As a specialized lender, we get to say yes when others say no. Our only focus is the programs we offer: commercial farm loans, hobby farm loans, and rural home loans. We have helped customers all over the United States find the perfect loan solution, and we can do the same for you.

United Ag Lending’s goal is always to build the strongest financial partnership with each client. We provide highly skilled service and partnership—helping make your dreams a reality.


United Ag Lending is your financial partner for the duration of your rural home loan in Texas. Our team has decades of loan expertise, plus extensive real estate know-how to offer you continued support on your rural living journey.

Benefits of rural home loans in Texas from United Ag Lending

Fixed-rate loans

We offer both 15 and 30 year fixed-rate loans to fit your needs.

Large rural home loans

Our rural home loans can finance up to 160 acres of land. 

Partner with United Ag Lending for your rural home loan needs in Texas

If you’re ready to start exploring rural home loans in Texas, we’re ready to be your financial partner. Get started with us at United Ag Lending and see what our flexible rural home loan programs can do for you. 

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