As agriculture admirers ourselves, we know how appealing a rural lifestyle is. Living the country lifestyle on a big piece of land that’s only yours, sharing it with livestock, maybe even sustaining your family and yourself with crops––it can all be rewarding. 

Barndominiums––like most things in the ag industry––are individual. The goals you have for your rural shed home will look much different from your neighbor’s. No matter what your goals look like, you can count on United Ag Lending to provide you with a loan for barndominium financing. 

Rural Home Loans

What is a barndominium? 

Also referred to as a barndo or shed home, a barndominium is a usually metal barn that has been converted into a living space, or a home that is built to look like a pole barn. People often turn a large part of the area into their workspace. 

However, a barndominium isn’t just a big empty space with a workbench and a tool box––it’s a real home with bedrooms, closets, a kitchen, and plumbing. Some folks want their barndominium to look straight out of the television show Fixer Upper, while others are simply asking that the only thing that separates their workshop from their living space be a doorway.

How we finance 

We provide financing for folks who are ready for the purchase. We’re always happy to give pointers to those who aren’t quite ready for this step, but our financial expertise lies within end financing. We don’t provide lot loans or construction loans, but we’re happy to refinance those loans if you have them, or provide you with a land loan to build on. 

Bear in mind that if you plan on building your own barndo, you’ll need to make sure you have a permit to build, and also that you adhere to all local building codes and regulations. It may be a barn, but the county needs it to be livable; so make sure you check with your county first.

Barndominium requirements

To qualify for a loan for barndominium financing, we require the following items:

◻️Property is in a rural area 

◻️Minimum of 5 acres

◻️Barndominium is at least 1000 square feet

◻️Barndo has a typical living quarters floor plan

◻️Livestock and commercial activity cannot be attached within barndominium 

◻️You have a 680 minimum credit score

If you meet all these criteria, we can help!

Loan Planning Tool

Explore barndominium financing with United Ag Lending 

Your barndominium isn’t built to fit our program; our programs are built to fit your barndominium. With low down payments, customized rates, terms, and repayment periods, we can provide you with financing that makes sense for your unique situation.  

Whether you want to live in a shed-style home next to your farm, have convenient access to your woodworking shop, or simply live in a beautiful shed-style home in the country, we’ve got a loan for barndominium financing waiting for you. 

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