Horses are wonderful companions as well as valuable livestock. Whether you’re looking to start a commercial ranch or just want a beautiful place to live with your horses, a horse farm mortgage from United Ag Lending can make it possible.

What can I do with a horse farm mortgage?

With an expert ag loan company, your horse farm loan can be built specifically for your needs. 

Build a Customizable Plan

At United Ag, we have a variety of lending programs that we can customize to your specific needs. Think of each of our programs as a starting point to build your ideal equestrian farm loan. Whether owning horses is a hobby or a commercial enterprise, we can help.

Purchase Pre-Built Equestrian Facilities

Our loans don’t finance construction, but we can make it easier for you to purchase land that already has a barn or equestrian arena on it. 

Acquire More Land for Your Ranch

Perhaps you’ve already been housing your horses for a while, but you’re ready to expand. An ag loan is perfect for expanding your land so your animals have more room to roam.

Start From Scratch

Keep in mind that we don’t provide financing for construction, but we can help you snag that perfect parcel of land you’ve been eyeing. From there, you can build the ideal horse farm you’ve been dreaming of.

Secure Your Horse Farm Mortgage With United Ag Today

Life is short, so don’t wait to get started on your dream of owning or housing horses on your property. With a reputable ag lender like us, we make it easy for you to work through the process.

Visit our guide on horse farm loans to learn more, or contact us to get started with the consultation process. We’ll help you build a loan perfectly customized to your needs. As a premier agricultural lender, we have the flexibility to offer creative, competitive financing options to help our customers achieve their agricultural goals.

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