Taking out a mortgage for your horse farm can be an exciting step in pursuing your equestrian dreams.

If you’re looking to start a hobby farm with a few pets or a commercial ranching operation, United Ag Lending can help. Our customizable lending programs provide the foundation for equestrian farm loans that work for your unique goals

Customizable Equestrian Farm Loans

Each of our loan programs function as a starting point for your potential equestrian farm loan. Our loan officers are experts in agricultural lending and lifestyle, and they can help you fashion your unique loan based on your needs.

These are some of the programs we most commonly use when working with clients looking for equestrian farm loans.


For those who are raising horses commercially, ranch financing is often a good place to start. Ranches are parcels of land dedicated to housing and raising livestock, like horses.


If you keep horses as a hobby and not a source of income, hobby farm loans can help finance your goals. Hobby farming is a great way to participate in agriculture on a smaller scale.


Buying a plot of land gives you the complete freedom to build it into the equestrian farm of your dreams. 

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