United Ag Lending is the premier partner for banks, mortgage lenders, and brokers who want to provide their clients with  rural property loans. Our team has years of experience creating diverse agricultural mortgage products for loan officers’ unique customers.    

Keep reading to learn about the types of properties  our wholesale rural property loans finance and how our wholesale loan offerings help partners expand their business. 

Accessible Wholesale Rural Property Loans for Unique Customers

United Ag Lending’s wholesale rural property loan product is a solid solution for your customers who want to buy rural land with an existing home on the property. We can customize this product to fit your customer’s needs.

Rural Property Loan Highlights

Our rural real estate lending program allows partners to offer their clients flexible products through a simple lending process. The following are a few of this loan product’s notable features.

Includes Financing for Property on Various Acreage 

Your customers can find financing for homes on a minimum of 5 acres and a maximum of 160 acres. The home value is only required to be 30 percent of the overall value.

Unique Rural Property Loan Options

We offer fixed-rate 15- and 30-year loans with available low rates. Our company also offers purchase, refinance, and cash-out loans. 

Properties Can Serve Various Purposes

This loan program allows the property to serve as a second or owner-occupied home. The property’s structure is flexible, too; barndominiums, shed homes, and shop homes are allowed. These wholesale loan products also apply to homes with tillable acreage and pasture land.

Other Notable Agricultural Real Estate Loan Details

Our wholesale ag property loans also allow for ag-exempt properties, but they are not required. We also permit Schedule F (Farm) income, and your customers can secure a loan that will enable them to combine multiple parcels of land. 

Rural Property Loan Requirement Checklist

Our rural property loan product is flexible. You can offer our real estate loan product to customers who meet the following criteria:

  • The property they want to purchase is in a rural area and on a minimum of 5 acres.
  • Your customer only needs a 680 credit score from one of the three credit bureaus. 
  • The land must have an existing home on it that will serve as a secondary or primary residence. 

United Ag Lending’s rural home loan program is accessible and allows partners to help their customers’ rural living dreams become reality.

Refinancing Wholesale Rural Property Loans

In addition to helping you serve customers who want to buy rural property, we also offer refinancing solutions for people looking to refinance rural property.

United Ag Lending can help loan officers with customers who need to:

  • Refinance their current mortgage .
  • Consolidate loans to reduce monthly payments.
  • Take cash out.

Our partnership with brokers, lenders, and banks is defined by our commitment to customer satisfaction, business development, and expertise. These values drive us and have helped us become the country’s foremost wholesale agricultural real estate lender. . We strive to benefit the careers of the loan officers who partner with us.

Financing Options for Different Types of Rural Properties

United Ag Lending has decades of experience helping loan officers assist clients who want to  finance different types of rural properties. Our team has helped create specialized wholesale agricultural loan products for the following types of rural dwellings: 

We commonly work with loan officers who have customers seeking rural property loans to secure a primary or secondary residence. 

United Ag Lending’s Other Wholesale Agricultural Loan Products

Our team also has other agricultural mortgage products designed to assist your diverse customer base. 

Commercial Farm Loans

A commercial farm’s primary purpose is to serve as its owner’s main source of income.

Commercial Farm Loan Details

  • We provide fixed farm loan rates from 10 to 30 years and 1-year to 15-year adjustable rates.
  • Customers can get a loan for multiple properties or contiguous parcels.
  • Outbuildings, sheds, and other land improvements are allowed.

Commercial Farm Loan Requirements

  • Customers must have a credit score of at least 680.
  • The prospective property needs to be on at least 10 acres.
  • Loan amounts range from $500,000 to $100 million.

Learn more about our commercial loan product for loan officers here.

Hobby Farm Loans

Hobby farms typically aren’t financially motivated ventures. People start hobby farms for enjoyment and can focus on their farms for as little or as much time as they want. A hobby farm must have a home on the land that the owner uses as their primary or secondary residence.

Hobby Farm Loan Details and Requirements

  • The property is agricultural in nature.
  • The farm must be a minimum of 5 acres.
  • Your customer must have a 680 minimum credit score.

Learn more about our hobby farm loan product for loan officers here.

Rural Land Loans

United Ag Lending also has a rural loan product our partners can offer their customers. Our land loans can help your customers:

  • Expand a current farming business, like adding to an equestrian property.
  • Start a vineyard.
  • Build a ranch to raise farm animals or start a dairy operation.
  • Create a Christmas tree farm.

Rural Land Loan Details and Requirements

  • Down payments start at 30%, and 10- to 30-year fixed-rate loans are available.
  • 1-year to 15-year adjustable rates are also available.
  • Customers can combine multiple properties or contiguous parcels.
  • Outbuildings, sheds, and other land improvements are allowed.
  • Minimum loan size is $500,000.
  • 10 acre minimum.

Learn more about our rural land loan product for loan officers here.

Let’s Start a Partnership

When you partner with United Ag Lending, we will help you provide your customers with unique, flexible loan products. Our loans are suited for people purchasing or refinancing rural real estate.

United Ag Lending has decades of experience. We’ve earned our reputation for providing unique loan products. We will always have your best interest in mind as your wholesale loan partner.

Want to find out more about becoming one of our trusted partners? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you help your customers reach their goals. 

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