Agricultural Wholesale Lending Company

Purchasing Process

Working with United Ag Lending

Many traditional wholesale lenders make it difficult for clients looking for agricultural loans, which means they miss out on that business. By partnering with an agricultural wholesale lending company like United Ag Lending, brokers and lenders can expand their portfolios and offer their clients a unique product.

Making a property purchase is a serious investment—your clients will want experts to support them. Whether they’re looking to purchase a hobby farm or rural home, are seeking a piece of land for agricultural use, or financing a commercial farming operation, they’ll need financial tools that work for their unique situation.

At United Ag Lending, our background is marked by successfully providing the support our partners need to reach their goals.

Purchasing Process

As an agricultural wholesale lending company, our programs apply to a broad selection of our partners’ clients. We offer a variety of financing programs that can flex to fit your client’s specific needs.

To start the purchasing process, we’ll begin with an introductory conversation with you to get to know your clients’ goals. We’ll let you take the driver’s seat with our expertise as a resource.

We work with you to help create a road map for your client’s purchase through United Ag Lending.

This can include:

  • Building an understanding of their financing abilities and limitations
  • Exploring different financing options based on their property interests
  • Helping navigate our benefits for rural residential, hobby farm, or commercial agriculture projects

Regardless of what your client brings to the table, our team of experts is happy to help you find the best financing options for their needs.

Partner With Us

Since United Ag Lending’s founding, we’ve been an adept partner for brokers and lenders across the country. As an agricultural wholesale lending company, we have an extensive track record of helping your customers find the best solutions for their agricultural financing needs. 

Investing in property should be an easy process, and this is what we offer every partner who works with us. We have been a reputable solution in our industry for decades. 

Our track record is more than enough to say that we have your best interest in mind as your wholesale partner.