What Is Hobby Farming

& Why Might it be Right for You?

Although hobby farming can mean different things to different people, the general idea is small-scale farming that is more focused on pleasure than income. Most hobby farmers have a primary form of income whether that’s a full-time job or a retirement fund. Hobby farming can be a great way to learn a new skill, get in touch with an old one, or just save some money at the grocery store. While hobby farming is not a main source of income, it is a great way to develop new skills and enjoy spending time outside. 
  1. Hobby Farms Require Less Space: The average farm in the United States is over 200 acres. However, the average hobby farm is less than 10. Given that an acre is the size of a football field, this is significantly less space. In fact, some small-scale hobby farms are less than a third of an acre. Making it ideal for more populated areas of land.


  2. Hobby Farming can be unique to you! There is no cookie-cutter form of hobby farming. Whether you’re starting a small vegetable farm or raising chickens for eggs, you can make hobby farming personalized to your interests. Bee farming, small vineyards, goat farms, and sunflower farms are a few popular choices right now.


  3. You Want to Invest in Yourself and Your Farm: Unlike homesteading, which requires very little budget and focuses more on the goal of living off of the land; hobby farming is a personal investment. Although you may sell small amounts of eggs or vegetables from your hobby farm, it is a source of enjoyment rather than income.


  4. The Perfect New Hobby: Hobbies are a way to invest in yourself. They allow you to learn a new skill, broaden your horizon and get in touch with yourself. Hobby farming is no exception. It allows you to challenge yourself in a positive way. Whether you’re learning a new skill or getting in touch with an old one, hobby farming allows you to do what you love in your spare time. 

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